Snow and ice may return to Moscow this weekend

Snow and ice may return to Moscow this weekend
A cold front will spoil the weather, but the city will warm back up next week.

The warm and sunny weather that has come to the capital will not last long. According to weather forecasters, cooler temperatures, rain and strong wind are expected this weekend. The weather in Moscow will be spoiled by a cold front, the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia reports. The temperature may drop below zero, with possible snow overnight into Sunday.

The temperature will start to creep down on Friday, 7 April. It will be six to eight degrees above zero at night and 11 to 13 degrees Celsius during the day. Reports also show rain, especially in the daytime.

Heading into Saturday, 8 April, the weather will be cloudy and damp, at five to seven degrees above zero. During the day, the temperature will not rise above nine degrees, and it will continue to rain.

On Sunday night, the temperature will drop to minus one to plus one degree. During the day, forecasts call for three to five degrees above zero. Precipitation is also possible, with snow instead of rain at night. Also, stronger winds with gusts reaching 12-17 metres per second will blow through the city. Ice may form on roads.

The weather will become warmer at the beginning of next week. On Monday, the air will warm up to six degrees and in some places even to 11 degrees. Temperatures of nine to 14 degrees are expected on Tuesday.