Restoration of monuments and infrastructure development at National Exhibition of Economic Achievements

Restoration of monuments and infrastructure development at National Exhibition of Economic Achievements
Architectural monuments are restored and the territory developed. The landscape park is to be upgraded and the Film Museum to be opened.

Winner of the tender for the construction of an amusement park at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) has been chosen in Moscow. “We are to begin construction of a children’s amusement park. Restoration of monuments, replacement of power grids, landscaping and other work has been energetically carried out at VDNKh,” Sergei Sobyanin said at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium.

Preparations included a road show involving major Russian and foreign construction companies. “Our winner is an Italian company with over 100 years of experience and well known as the general contractor of Disneyland Paris,” VDNKh Director General Yekaterina Pronicheva said.

The company was also in charge of building a tunnel and engineering work at Charles de Gaulle Airport and metro facilities in Paris. Its projects also include business and residential property construction in New York.

The park will occupy over 17 hectares of land. An observation wheel will be installed there and the relevant infrastructure provided. The annual number of visitors is expected to reach two million. There will be a parking lot near Khovanskaya Street for1,000 car vehicles. In all, 1,300 new jobs will be created.

Buildings located in the park area will be restored – Krugovaya Panorama Cinema, pavilions No 7, 8, 9 (Seeds, Young Natural Scientists, Young Technicians) and former store, Khleb (Bread) (building No 517).

Other venues will be upgraded as well. Yekaterina Pronicheva said: “We have launched an active phase of restoration of the central part of VDNKh. Following a decision made by the Moscow Government, all the communication lines will be replaced, which will ensure they have an accident-free service life for several decades to come.”

Restoration of the VDNKh landscape park, one of the oldest landscape areas in Moscow, has started. The park includes cultural heritage sites – Oak Grove (Sheremetyevo oak forest) and Michurinsky Garden. Over the year, the premises will be developed.

The Cosmos (Space) pavilion will be renovated and transformed into a cosmonautics and aviation centre, and also the Agriculture pavilion.

“This year, the   Film Museum will reopen its doors after being absent on Moscow maps for over 10 years. This will be a landmark event both for our city and our country, Yekaterina Pronicheva added.