Visitors will get a glimpse of early 20th century fashion.

The Museum of Moscow and the Alexander Vasilyev Fund present a joint project, Moscow: Fashion and the Revolution. The exhibition covers a time span from 1907 to 1927. A century ago, Moscow was the epicentre of shocks and changes: the First World War, the 1917 revolution, War Communism and the transition to the NEP (New Economic Policy). Those were crucial turning points for the country, which left its imprint on all spheres of life, including the way people dressed.

A hundred dresses from fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev’s collection and over 200 accessories, pieces of furniture, photographs and other items from the Museum of Moscow’s collection are on display.

The project traces the evolution of fashion trends in early 20thcentury Moscow. Among the exhibits are pre-war clothes for strolls, for formal visits and for a country house, as well as ballroom dresses. The First World War brought drastic changes to ladies’ fashion: corsets were abandoned, skirts became shorter and khaki was a popular colour. In the section devoted to the 1917 revolution, visitors can see photographs showing how Moscow looked back in those times.

The programme includes three curator excursions, lectures and open meetings. The exhibition will run from 5 April till 21 May.      

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