Three Moscow Railway lines to receive 100 km of new ‘velvet’ track

Three Moscow Railway lines to receive 100 km of new ‘velvet’ track
New continuous welded rail will minimise noise both inside and outside trains.

By the end of 2018, new rail will be laid on three Moscow Railway lines. This will allow an additional 200 commuter trains on the Gorky, Kursk and Yaroslavl lines.

A total of 100 kilometres of continuous welded rail (‘velvet’ track) will be laid, after which trains will run more smoothly and much more quietly.

The distance between rail joints will be 800 metres instead of the typical 25 metres. Continuous welded rail reduces noise by eliminating most of the clickity-clack banging of the wheels. It also reduces maintenance costs as rail service life is increased.

Where ‘velvet’ track will be laid

The Russian Railways’ press service says a fourth mainline track on the Gorky Line will connect Kursky terminal with the Zheleznodorozhnaya station. The length of this section is 27.5 kilometres, of which over 30 percent has already been laid. The project will be complete by late 2018.

This project includes the renovation of the Chukhlinka, Reutovo, Nikolskoye and Saltykovskaya stations and the installation of sound walls.

“The station platforms will be raised a few centimetres for easier train access,” the press service added.

Construction of a fifth mainline track is under way on the Yaroslavl Line. It will run from Yaroslavsky railway terminal through Mytishchi tation and to the town of Pushkino. The length will total 28.6 kilometres.

“Renovation of the Los, Perlovskaya, Taininskaya and Mytishchi stations is ongoing. New overpasses will appear over the railway lines and as will pedestrian underpasses. A new platform will be built at the Losinoostrovskaya station,” according to the Russian Railways.

The new mainline track on the Mytishchi-Pushkino section is 80 percent complete.

On the Kursk Line, an additional track will be laid from Lyublino to the city of Podolsk. The work is 50 percent complete. This is the longest (44 kilometres) section under the project. Station renovation will include the Podolsk, Tsaritsyno and Shcherbinka stations.

Continuous welded rail has also been laid on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), resulting in nearly noiseless trains. Fast Lastochka commuter trains also run over ‘velvet’ track on Leningrad Railway Line.