Skateboarding, climbing and fencing at the Easter Gift festival

Skateboarding, climbing and fencing at the Easter Gift festival
An upgraded skate park is to open on Tverskoy Boulevard, climbing facilities will shortly be available on NovyArbat Street, and fencing lessons are to be given on Revolution Square.

The Easter Gift festival is to offer outdoor sports events. Ping-pong, basketball, table football, climbing — everyone will be able to find his/her favourite kind of sports at numerous sports grounds.

Traditionally, major sports facilities are located on Tverskoy Boulevard. For instance, five ping-pong tables with bats and balls will be installed next to the restaurant Armenia while near the Timiryazev monument there will be trampolines, one will be able to play basketball or table football. There will also be facilities for skateboarding there.

Also, the festival’s skate park has been upgraded. It includes two ramps — for children to train and for everyone to skate freely. All gear and outfits can be obtained on the spot, and experienced instructors will train you. Moreover, the skate park will also host performances and competitions.

On NovyArbat Street, you will be able to use skateboards, roller skates or BMX bicycles. For this purpose, a special ramp is to be installed. Children, who enjoy heights and want to polish their skills, can do this at the climbing facilities, which became very popular in Moscow over the last few years.

On Revolution Square, various lessons and workshops can be attended, for example, fencing lessons and an interactive class Legends about Epic Heroes, organised by the Great Patriotic War Museum. The programme also includes a workshop on how to use a sword and fascinating lectures on history.