Registration for Planet Moscow photo contest begins

Registration for Planet Moscow photo contest begins
This year’s competition includes individual and team events.

The Planet Moscow photo contest has been launched in Moscow. “This anniversary year both for the city of Moscow and the competition will see significant changes in the Planet Moscow contest. In 2017, photographers will compete both in individual and team events,” Head of the Department of Urban Development Policy Sergei Lyovkin said.

 Anyone can apply to take part no matter what age you are, where you live or what you do for a living. Registration should be done between 3-23 April on website by selecting one of the four teams. “The photo contest will start on 1 May with team events. This year we will introduce something new to the competition. This will be media content curators who will be in charge of one of the teams and provide organisational, methodological, technology and information support,” Mr Lyovkin explained.

The teams will compete in five rounds or nominations – Architectural Photography, Dynamics of the Megalopolis, Moscow and Muscovites: A Comfortable City, Urban Landscape and The Anniversary Moscow: Preparations for the Celebration.

During each of the rounds, competitors will be given scores and the photos will then pass on to the individual stage. Winners will be chosen in both team and individual categories. During the final stage, teams and their media curators will present photo projects, Anniversary of the Beloved City to the people of the city who will then vote.

The best works will be displayed at one of the open-air venues in Moscow.