Work to create Museum Park launched in Moscow’s centre

Work to create Museum Park launched in Moscow’s centre
Traffic is restricted on Novaya Square.

The work to create the Museum Park has been launched in the centre of Moscow. This will be a new urban recreation area with a pedestrian route connecting the Polytechnic Museum and Zaryadye Park.

The work to build the park and landscaping under the My Street programme started on Novaya Square. Traffic has not had to be completely diverted.

During the period of one  month, three out of 10 lanes will be open for traffic (one-way traffic from Okhotny Ryad Street), and seven lanes will be in use as of 1 May.

The work under the My Street programme is underway on the four outer lanes on Novaya Square on the opposite side of the Polytechnic Museum. The work will be completed in May.

To reconstruct utilities of the future Museum Park, the three outer lanes closest to the Polytechnic Museum have been closed. The work to build the park will last until April 2018.

Also, traffic along Politekhnicheksy Proyezd has been closed. It will become a pedestrian zone, with a wide walking area. Vehicles will be able to drive round  beside Lubyanskaya Square.

The main facility of the Museum Park will be the Green Amphitheatre, where lectures and concerts will be held. A nine-metre wide walking area of the museum will open on the site of the lower (basement) tier of the Polytechnic Museum. The street gallery will be four metres below the pavement. People will get there using a wide flight of stairs on the square near the Solovetsky Stone. An underground passage will lead to Ilyinsky public garden.

The Museum Park will be separated from the pavement and the road by a four-metre wide multi-tier retaining wall with plants. Tour buses and other transportation will drive to the museum from Lubyansky Proyezd. The new pedestrian zone will unite the existing routes in Moscow’s centre, including Nikolskaya, Myasnitskaya, Maroseika, Pokrovka streets and Zaryadye Park which is now under construction.