Baby alpaca born at the Moscow Zoo

Baby alpaca born at the Moscow Zoo
Visitors can see the newborn in the hoofed animal row in the old section of the zoo.

A baby alpaca, a domestic humpless cousin of the camel, one of camelid species, has been born at the Moscow Zoo. It is a female with a rather rare white coat. The new arrival is the first alpaca born on the zoo grounds. Previously, they only bred at a nursery near Volokolamsk.

“The cria was born on 25 March,” the Moscow Zoo press service said. “Its weight at birth was about one kilogramme, but ungulates grow fast and now she is five times as heavy.”

So far, the baby is asleep in her house most of the time, but in warm weather she sometimes goes out for a walk with the other alpacas, who are very curious about the new member of the herd.

The camel’s South American kin moved to the zoo from the nursery in December last year. They are two red and black females and also a white-and-grey male. They live in the old section of the zoo in a cage next to yaks.

The alpaca is a domesticated vicuna whose wool is called the golden fleece. Peruvian Indians began to breed these animals about 6,000 years ago, and since then, they have been kept at special farms in the Andes, first of all, because of their warm and light wool. After the reconstruction of the children’s zoo, there are plans to relocate the alpacas there.