Moscow to participate in Light It Up Blue international campaign for the fifth time

Moscow to participate in Light It Up Blue international campaign for the fifth time
Buildings worldwide are lit up blue to support people with autism.

Moscow will take part in the Light It Up Blue international campaign for the fifth time. It is held in many countries on World Autism Awareness Day – 2 April. On this day, landmarks in different countries – the pyramids in Egypt, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the opera house in Sydney (Australia), the skyscrapers in New York (USA) and others – are lit up blue in support of people with autism.

In Moscow, 25 buildings on Tverskaya and Novy Arbat streets will also be lit up blue on 2 April. This year’s campaign will involve twice as many buildings as in 2016 in the capital.

According to the municipal services authority, blue facades can be seen on 2 April starting at 7.18 pm, when outdoor lighting will be turned on. Book-like buildings on Novy Arbat Street and the Central Telegraph building on Tverskaya Street will also participate in the campaign.

“These buildings are equipped with a controlled lighting system, so their lights can be changed remotely from the control room,” the authority’s spokesman said. “Energy-saving LED technologies can create millions of shades and dynamic light pictures.”

The Light It Up Blue campaign has been held worldwide since 2008 at the initiative of the Autism Speaks Foundation. Blue is the official colour of this organisation. Moscow joined the campaign in 2013. In the capital, it is held by the Vykhod Fund to Solve Autism Problems with the support of the Moscow Government.

In 2007, the UN General Assembly announced 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day. According to statistics, every hundredth child is born with autism.

Blue illumination will light up the following buildings:

— 6 Tverskaya Street;

— 10 Tverskaya Street;

— 11 Tverskaya Street;

— 16 Tverskaya Street;

— 19 Tverskaya Street;

— 22 Tverskaya Street;

— 26 Tverskaya Street;

— 5/6 Novy Arbat Street;

— 6 Novy Arbat Street;

— 6/1 Novy Arbat Street;

— 6/2 Novy Arbat Street;

— 7 Novy Arbat Street;

— 8 Novy Arbat Street;

— 9 Novy Arbat Street;

— 12/1 Novy Arbat Street;

— 12/2 Novy Arbat Street;

— 15 Novy Arbat Street;

— 17 Novy Arbat Street;

— 18 Novy Arbat Street;

— 19 Novy Arbat Street;

— 19/2 Novy Arbat Street;

— 19a Novy Arbat Street;

— 25/9 Novy Arbat Street;

— 25/12 Novy Arbat Street;

— 27/2 Novy Arbat Street.