Over 2,000 couples to marry on Low Sunday this year

Over 2,000 couples to marry on Low Sunday this year
Ahead of the holiday, 21 and 22 April are the most popular dates with couples who want to get married.

Over 2,000 couples in Moscow will be united by the bonds of marriage on Low Sunday this year, nearly double the previous year’s figure.

According to the press service of Moscow’s Directorate for Civil Registry Offices, 2,015 couples plan to tie the knot on 21 and 22 April.

Last year, Low Sunday fell on May, which is not favoured by couples as a wedding month, so a mere 1,157 marriages were registered in Moscow on that day.

“This year, 916 couples will marry on 21 April and 1,099 couples on 22 April,” the department’s press service said.  

According to the press service, by tradition, the marriage ceremonies for young couples will be held on Low Sunday, 22 April, at the Moscow City Duma on Strastnoi Boulevard. Couples have been chosen at random from among those who applied to Civil Marriage Palace No.1. 

“The newlyweds will receive their first official documents on family life – marriage certificates – from Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov,” the press service said.

Low Sunday is marked on the first Sunday after Easter. This year, the holiday falls on 23 April. Since registry offices are not open on Sundays, Muscovites who want to get married on Low Sunday chose the closest Friday or Saturday to the holiday. Marriages registered on Low Sunday are believed to be long-lasting and happy. Single men and women should not stay at home on this day if they want to find their other half.   

Applications for marriage registration can be submitted, among other things, in electronic form via the mos.ru website.