Moscow’s integrated call centre awarded Crystal Headset

Moscow’s integrated call centre awarded Crystal Headset
The city’s call centre operates 24/7 and processes 500,000 calls each month.

The Moscow Government’s integrated call centre has been presented the prestigious Crystal Headset award. The project won in the category “Best Public Service Centre of State Agencies and the Utility Sector.”

The award was launched in 2005 and is presented to the best call and service centres. Over 280 participants from seven countries took part in the competition this year.

“The Moscow Government’s call centre is a unique project not only in Russia, but in Europe as well. It is a complicated process both for technical and organisational reasons. But we are moving forward, and in 2017 as part of this hotline, we will introduce new technologies such as a voice synthesis and recognition system. Voice to text technology will allow us to bring operations to a new level,” said Andrei Savitsky, head of the City Contact Centre project for the Department of Information Technology.

The integrated call centre was launched in 2015 at the instruction of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. It was based on the city contact centre. The hotline can be reached at +7 (495) 777-77-77 around the clock every day. Call center responders can answer questions about most government agencies, including the state services centres. Over 80 percent of Moscow departments and committees are connected to the hotline. On average, the call centre receives about 500,000 calls per month.