Folk crafts and Cult of Plov: How Moscow will celebrate Nowruz

Folk crafts and Cult of Plov: How Moscow will celebrate Nowruz
Visitors can enjoy a gala concert, an exhibition and fair of folk crafts, and various master classes.

The Moscow Nowruz (Persian New Year) holiday will take place on 1 April at Pavilion 75 at VDNKh. Delegations and representatives of Moscow’s different ethnic community associations will take part in this year’s celebrations. The official opening ceremony will be followed by a gala concert with performances by prominent artists and ensembles. Singers Lev Leshchenko and Larisa Dolina will take the stage, along with performers from Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. There will also be an exhibition of national costumes. 

An exhibition and fair of folk crafts and souvenirs will also take place at VDNKh. Anyone who wishes can also attend master classes and sample different peoples’ national dishes.

Several new activities await this year’s visitors. One is the Cult of Plov competition. Participants will compete in three categories: Best Chef, Best Restaurant, and Public’s Favourite.

Timetable of the holiday events:

— Noon–8 pm — Exhibition and fair of folk crafts and  traditions of peoples celebrating the Nowruz holiday;

— 2 pm — Official opening ceremony;

— 2 pm- 4 pm — Gala concert with stars taking part;

— 4 pm — Award ceremony for winners of the international Cult of Plov competition;

— 4 pm–8 pm — Continuation of the gala concert, with professional and amateur ensembles taking part.

Nowruz is celebrated on the spring equinox in many countries in the Caucasus , Middle Asia and Asia Minor,  Iran, western China, and among the Bashkir and Tatar peoples in Russia. Nowruz in Farsi means “new day.” The holiday is considered one of the oldest in the world and goes back 3,000 years.