Rope park with lighting to open at Poklonnaya Gora on 16 April

Rope park with lighting to open at Poklonnaya Gora on 16 April
Visitors will be able to test themselves on the obstacle courses day and night.

A rope park will open at Poklonnaya Gora on 16 April. It will be located next to the children’s playground and will be open until late. People looking for a bigger thrill will be able to register in advance to use the new facility at night.

The Poklonnaya Gora press service said that the rope park will be around nine metres in height.

“It will contain 60 obstacles in all, including suspension bridges made of rope and beams, swinging plank paths, crossings with wooden railings, and much more,” the press service said.

The rope park will be divided into three levels by difficulty. The higher is the obstacle, the greater its difficulty. The new facility will use an innovative system of non-stop roller-based safety nets.

“Most rope parks use a system of fixed safety nets,” the press service said. “This means that users have to follow several set routes and cannot cross all the obstacles in one go. The park on Poklonnaya Gora will not use this kind of fixed system, so users can set their direction and choose the route themselves. Each support has splitters installed, making it possible to set the rollers moving in any direction. This system allows users to move through all levels of the park.”

Visitors will be able to choose the routes best suited for their age. The first level is designed for children aged four to eight, for example, and the second and third for children aged nine and older, and for adults.

Information on Moscow’s other rope parks is available on the open data portal.