MCC train schedule to be downloaded to The Moscow Metro mobile application

MCC train schedule to be downloaded to The Moscow Metro mobile application
The Moscow Metro app will also show historical photos of the circle railway, and in the long run it may provide virtual tourist routes around historical metro stations.

The Moscow Metro mobile application will be updated with the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) schedule and departure times for the first and last trains. In addition, users will know what buses stop near the MCC and what stations on the MCC have ATMs. The updated version will be available for download soon.

“By user request, we decided to add more information about the MCC and its history. For example, the updated version will offer facts with station photos and layouts, as well as historical photos of the Smaller Moscow Belt Railway buildings,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

He said that about 275,000 people have already downloaded the application. One of the most popular functions is mapping routes on the metro and the MCC, as well as through the city. On average, users map over 300,000 trips a week. 

“We are also planning to update the application in the summer with a map of tourist routes around historical metro stations, including descriptions. We’re developing several tourist routes now,” the Deputy Mayor said.

The mobile app was available for download in January last year, but it could only be used with IOS. Since February 2017, the application could be used on Android devices as well.

“Later, passengers will be able to access available carriage capacity and the surface vehicle location. We can collect carriage load information from carriage cameras and the number of online Wi-Fi connections,” Mr Liksutov said.

Now the Moscow Metro can help map a route on both metro and surface transit. The service will prompt what bus number to take from a metro station to a certain place, calculate travel time, the number of stops and even the approximate cost, based on the Koshelek rate recorded on the Troyka card. Application users can also top-up their balance online and see current travel rates. In addition, the service has a list of the main Moscow tourist attractions to which routes can be mapped. The application also indicates park and ride facilities near metro stations, parking space vacancy and parking rates.