Trees pruning starts on Novy Arbat

Trees pruning starts on Novy Arbat
The work will not cause any traffic restrictions on Friday and only two outer lanes will be closed at the weekend on Novy Arbat.

On Friday, 24 March, tree pruning starts on Novy Arbat Street. This concerns trees planted a year ago under the My Street programme. The work will last from 8 am until late at night. On Friday, the trimming will be limited to car parks, therefore, any machinery used will not block traffic.

Over the weekend of 25-26 March, pruning will continue on parts of  Novy Arbat adjacent to roads. Special machinery will be used to examine and prune the trees. Traffic won’t be impeded except for the outer right lanes and for the sections where tree tops are being pruned.

All of the 181 trees on Novy Arbat will be pruned. These include elms, maples, lindens, rowans, pines, larches and oaks.

“Nursery specialists purchased good quality young trees with already well-developed crowns. So now all that is needed for them to be well pruned. Certain branches that got damaged in the winter or those blocking road signs have to come off ,” according to Moscow’s Department for Major Housing Repairs.

Pruning trees enhances new growth and also helps sap to adapt when trees are  replanted, the Department added.

The pruning campaign this spring will include all the trees recently planted under the My Street programme. The work has been almost completed on Tverskaya Street and the Garden Ring.

Pruning information and spring preparation activities are available on