Kolomenskoye to have a field with sports-level grass cover

Kolomenskoye to have a field with sports-level grass cover
Draft engineering solution (draft design option)
2017 will see the field improved for future festivals

The Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve is making plans to improve the surface of Zingaro field, a venue where major festivals are held. The field is to be covered with over a hectare of sports-level grass, chosen for its durability and the minimal upkeep required. 

„Kolomenskoye hosts major city events, drawing very large crowds of people. The current surface has to be updated on a regular basis, while a sport-level grass surface is far more durable as it can withstand the wear and tear of even a football game,” the project’s designer, architect Dmitry Selivokhin noted.

Concert stages, stands and benches will be designed to be mobile so that the field can be rapidly transformed into a venue. „Innovative modular surfaces can support great weights,” Selivokhin said.

The new grass surface will be made of modular patches, each of which can be used for such popular summertime activities as volleyball, badminton and tennis when no concerts are planned.

„Just draw a transportable net across a particular patch and a volleyball pitch is ready, with no permanent change to the look of any historical buildings or surrounding sights,” Dmitry Selivokhin said.

The improvement works to the Zingaro field will begin in 2017. Cutting-edge lighting and navigation systems will be installed as well.

„The Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve is one of the Moscow’s most popular parks. It is therefore important to preserve its territory on days of mass events, including the various annual festivals that are held there,” the press service of Mosgorpark, the Moscow park authority, added.

Kolomenskoye hosts various large-scale events and concerts, including a historical re-enactment festival.