Muscovites and tourists to see Ostankino Tower from inside

Muscovites and tourists to see Ostankino Tower from inside
For the first time, visitors will be allowed to tour the 85th floor of the TV tower and learn about its design and functions.

The city is developing a tour programme around technical facilities of the Ostankino TV Tower. This year, the 85th floor will open for tours, and visitors will see the internal design of the tower in addition to the city panorama from other levels. The tour will demonstrate, among other things, how 35 kilometres of steel ropes support the tower and maintain its stability.

Visitors will be able to see technical rooms of the Ostankino Tower this year. Engineers are working on the observation deck at 85 metres off the ground,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Public Relations and Media of the Moscow Regional Centre of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (Ostankino Tower).

Muscovites and tourists will see the concrete load-bearing walls of the 540-metre structure as well as the 145 steel ropes supporting them. Each steel rope with a diameter of 38 mm keeps the tower steady against storm winds and other external factors.

Aside from the internal design, visitors will appreciate interesting exhibits on display, including push-button telephone sets back from the first broadcasting days. A travelling cradle with a uniformed dummy is hanging at 85 metres to give visitors a feel for how maintenance work happens at the tower.

Currently, daily tours of the Ostankino Tower include the museum and the observation deck at 337 metres, with a spectacular view of the city. The tour of the technical facilities will supplement the main visitor programme.

This year, the Ostankino Tower marks 50 years. It was officially launched on 5 November 1967, when the first leg of the construction project was completed and four television channels and three radio stations began operation. In 1967, the tower transmitted TV and radio signals as far as 120 kilometres.