Discover Moscow with automated audio guide

Discover Moscow with automated audio guide
The smart tour guide will identify the historical building a user walks by and automatically switch on the right audio track.

By the summer of this year, the Discover Moscow mobile application will get an automated audio guide of the city’s historical sites. Users will be able to choose any route from the theme list and explore the city without even having to take their devices out of their pockets. The GPS-based smart guide will identify the building a user walks by and automatically switch on the necessary audio track.

According to the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, the Discover Moscow application currently offers around sixty tours with separate audio guides for each historical site. This means that users have to switch audio tracks manually when passing from one building to another.

“By the summer, automated audio tours will become available. All one will need to do is to switch on the guide once and walk the entire route without taking his or her device out of his or her pocket,” Sergei Shakryl, head of the Discover Moscow project, explained.

The application offers both traditional and unusual theme routes. For example, it invites people to walk along writer Mikhail Bulgakov’s Prechistenka Street, see poetess Marina Tsvetaeva’s Moscow, visit former rental flats in the Zamoskvorechye district, visit romantic sites related to poet Alexander Pushkin, composer Alexander Skryabin, writer Leo Tolstoy and other outstanding figures.

The Discover Moscow app carries information about more than 1,300 buildings, 128 monuments, 57 museums, 166 historical spots and 206 personalities. It also has a version which is a game, Discover Moscow Photo, with 3D characters. Users can take a thrilling selfie with Viktor Tsoy, Yuri Gagarin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great or other legendary figures, but they need to find them first. Within a distance of 50 metres from the given coordinates, users can spot a 3D character and capture it with their own devices.