Four orange line stations in the centre to be closed on 26 March

Four orange line stations in the centre to be closed on 26 March
Turgenevskaya, Sukharevskaya, Kitai-Gorod and Tretyakovskaya metro stations will be closed for track maintenance.

On Sunday, 26 March, the central section between the Circle Line, on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line between Prospekt Mira and Oktyabrskaya stations will be closed. The closures are due to track maintenance.

Trains will run between Novoyasenevskaya and Oktyabrskaya stations and between Prospekt Mira and Medvedkovo stations. Turgenevskaya and Sukharevskaya stations will be closed. Passengers will only be able to get to the twin Kitai-Gorod station on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line and the twin Tretyakovskaya station on the Kalininskaya Line. Oktyabrskaya and Prospekt Mira will be terminal stations with the interchanges to the stations of the same name on the Circle Line. The interchanges from Turgenevskaya to Chistye Prudy and Sretensky Boulevard will also be closed.   

On 26 March, passengers will be able to use the neighbouring metro stations or surface transit; consult the Moscow Metro application to take the most convenient route.

The orange line will reopen as usual at 5:30 am on 27 March. 

During the closure, maintenance workers will carry out necessary track work and related infrastructure maintenance to continue to provide passengers with convenient service. Weekend service windows are used because of lower passenger volume. Alternative metro routes are a viable alternative in the city centre.