Music performances to start across 15 Moscow metro venues on 27 March

Music performances to start across 15 Moscow metro venues on 27 March
200 bands will play music for metro passengers.

On Monday 27 March, musicians will start performing across 15 venues in the Moscow metro. More than 200 bands will play for metro passengers. Musicians will perform on musical saws and singing bowls,and there will also be a young band singing Beatles hits, and as well as this there’ll a jazz band that mixes music with acrobatics.

“Passengers look forward to hearing music in the metro. During the survey carried out on Active Citizen website people voted for having more venues where artists could perform. Now as many as 200 bands can play every day, making the passenger want to rejoice and keeping their spirits up.This is what the ” Moscow Metro’s press service said in a statement.

The press service went on to say that those performing will not get in the way, since the venues have been specially selected taking into account passenger traffic patterns. In addition to this, performance venues will be controlled by CCTV, enabling metro’s security staff to keep an eye on the situation.

“There are no restrictions in terms of musical styles or repertoire. The only requirement is that the songs should not be offensive,” the press service said.

Musicians willing to perform in the metro had to go through a selection process. First, they had to submit applications with song samples. More than 1,000 applications were filed. The most interesting musicians were invited to auditions. The jury evaluated their technical proficiency and quality, as well as their presentation. Experts saw extravagant performances given on a wide range of instruments, including  hangs, all kinds of percussion, forkphones, and were enchanted by great singing and captivating performances. The selection process chose 200 budding artists.

Musicians are licensed to play in the metro for one year, and can choose the time and venue by themselves. On weekdays, they can play from 10 am until 5 pmand from 8 am until 10 pm, and from 10 am until 10 pm at the weekend. The calendar of performances is available on the Music in the Metro website. New musicians could be added by the end of March.

Music in the Metro was launched as a pilot project in May 2016 when 30 musicians were officially licensed to play at Maykovskaya, Vystavochnaya and Kurskaya metro stations. Now 12 more venues are available.

Metro stations and passages where musicians will perform:

— Vystavochnaya;

— Maykovskaya;

— Kurskaya (Circle Line, in front of the entrance hall);

— Kurskaya (interchange with Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line);

— Dostoyevskaya;

— Borovitskaya;

— Polyanka;

— Kitai-Gorod;

— Teatralnaya (interchange to Okhotny Ryad station);

— Teatralnaya (interchange to Ploshchad Revolyutsii station);

— Okhotny Ryad;

— Komsomolskaya (interchange with Sokolnicheskaya Line, upper deck of the big escalator);

— Komsomolskaya (interchange with Sokolnicheskaya Line, lower deck by the big escalator);

— Taganskaya (Circle Line);

— Pushkinskaya – Tverskaya (entrance hall to both stations).