Building with five towers to be built on former ZIL territory

Building with five towers to be built on former ZIL territory
Draft engineering solution (draft design option)
The towers will feature 276 flats. An underground car park for over 1200 cars.

The multifunctional complex project at the former ZIL industrial zone has been greenlighted by the Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning (Moskomarchitektura).

The building will feature five 20-storey facetted towers. The crepidoma, of three or four storeys, will be covered by a sort of gallery. It will have stone-lined columns, glass panels and decorative metal bars between the columns. Its facade will face the Central Boulevard and will house small restaurants and shops.

The complex is to be built on the site of former foundry No 2, designed by the Vesnin brothers who were architects. It will be located between a 39-storey skyscraper and the Hermitage-Moscow Museum, both of which are expected to be built there in the future. An underground car park will have 1217 spaces.

“This project is to be just another gem of the neighbourhood that is being constructed at ZIL,” Moscow Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov said.

The towers will feature 276 flats. Floor to ceiling measurements will be 3.55 metres. However the walls of the entrance halls will be six metres high. The entire building will be 77 metres high. It will cover 85,342 square metres, of which 44,784 will be located above ground.

Architects were inspired by the Narkomtyazhprom building that was also designed by the Vesnin brothers. They also wanted to preserve the massive line of basement areas of the former factory shops along the boulevard.