Moscow Zoo to demonstrate how striped mongooses are fed

Moscow Zoo to demonstrate how striped mongooses are fed
Nine African mongooses currently live in the Zoo.

The Moscow Zoo will demonstrate how striped mongooses are fed at 12 pm from Tuesday to Friday. The animals are usually most active during feeding time. They come together, quarrel for food, chase each other, and try digging around for pieces of food. This is the best time to see all nine of them.

Striped mongooses are the African relatives of the famous Indian Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

These small grey animals with stripes on their backs constantly prowl around in search of food. They mostly feed on insects, snails, reptiles, bird eggs, and fruit. At the Zoo, they are fed on insects, mice, birds, fish, eggs, as well as fruit and vegetables.

Mongooses, also known as mongeese, live in groups with a rather complex social structure. They use their sense of smell to distinguish outsiders from members of their group. Smell is also used to claim their territory. They coexist peacefully within a group, but treat their neighbours quite aggressively to protect their territory. Fights are often bloody and can last for over an hour.

Mongooses are also tireless researchers, always busy with something: digging, exploring, trying things with their teeth or claws. In warm weather they willingly go outside.