Lighting at Luzhniki Arena can be controlled from a tablet

Lighting at Luzhniki Arena can be controlled from a tablet
Photo: Press service of the Urban Development and Construction Complex
The lighting system is designed to take into account the time of day, natural light, and the overall capacity of the electrical system.

The lighting system at the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena can be controlled from a tablet. According to Andrei Bochkaryov, the head of the Department of Construction, the stadium has been equipped with a backup power supply system to avoid emergencies like power outages during a match or live TV broadcast.

"The interior and exterior lighting control system at the stadium uses a phased power-up of the powerful lights to avoid a sharp power overload as the lamps are turned on. Outside lighting is controlled with the most energy saving algorithms that reflect the time of day, natural illumination, and the overall load on the power network.

In addition to the main control panels, this complex system can be operated from ordinary tablets, Mr Bochkaryov sad.

The renovation of the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena is scheduled for completion by the end of the second quarter of this year. The installation of 348 floodlamps, which will light the lawn during the sporting events, was completed at the beginning of this year. Over 20,000 LED lamps will be used to light the various facilities at the arena, and more than 150 special lights will be used to illuminate the stands.

The first facilities in the arena that will be used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the accreditation centre and the entrance control pavilion, opened at the beginning of March.

At the 2018 World Cup, the Luzhniki Arena will host the tournament’s opening ceremony, the first match, one of the semi-finals and the final.