First rental centres open in Moscow parks

First rental centres open in Moscow parks
Bikes, roller skates, segways and other sports equipment can be hired in seven green zones.

Seven Moscow parks – Victory, Izmailovsky, Perovo, Babushkinsky, Sadovniki, Kuzminki, and Krasnaya Presnya – have opened rental centres where it’s possible to hire bikes, roller skates, scooters, segways, and other equipment.

The majority of green zones controlled by the Moscow Department of Culture will open rental centres by the end of March and into the month of April. In Sokolniki, the centres will be launched one at a time from 1 April to 1 May. Taganka Park and Northern Tushino will also open rental centres on 1 April. In Gorky Park sports equipment will be available to hire as of 1 May.

Segways, surfboards, and wheel benches

Victory Park will offer for hire bikes, bicycle cars, electric carts, scooters and roller skates. Mechanical ponies, ponycycles, are available for small children. Krasnaya Presnya Park rents out carbikes, children’s electric carts, roller skates, scooters and segways.

In Izmailovo Park you can hire gyroscooters, bikes, roller skates, children’s electric carts, and carbikes. Five additional rental centres will open here before the start of the summer season, offering ponycycles, electric scooters, segways, and even fantastars. You can ride them seated.

A rental centre has opened in Perovo Park, with bikes, roller skates, scooters, a two-seater electric car, and even an electric four-wheeler for children. Available to hire in April will be gyroscooters and segways, a service that was not offered previously.

Babushkino Park has opened a rental centre offering bikes and bicycle cars. Electric carts will be available for hire from a specialised centre as of 1 April. Sadovniki will offer skateboards, bikes and scooters. Roller skates are to be added somewhat later.

Kuzminki launched rentals last weekend. Like last year, bikes, roller skates, skateboards and even surfboards can be hired. Scooters will arrive later.

Longboards, run bikes for toddlers and table tennis

The first rental centre with roller skates, bikes, skateboards and other equipment will open in Sokolniki’s Main Alley on 1 April to be joined by others during the month.

In Gorky Park, rental centres will start operating on 1 May, when the summer season kicks off. Visitors will have a choice of bikes, roller skates, carbikes, longboards, scooters, and toddler’s run bikes. Prams will also be available.

Hermitage Garden plans to install table-tennis tables on 1 May, when the summer season starts. Playing is free, rackets are issued against security. Available from 10 am to 10 pm.