Tips for bringing bicycles on the metro, commuter trains and buses

Tips for bringing bicycles on the metro, commuter trains and buses
More bicyclists are hitting the streets each day in Moscow. They can ride to shops, parks in nearby districts or ride to work in many city districts. Regardless of the destination, riders need to know how to take bicycles on buses, trams, and metro and commuter trains.

Trams and buses

According to Mosgortrans (Moscow City Transit Authority) regulations, people can take their bicycles free of charge on trams, buses and trolleybuses. They need to enter through the second door after other passengers have exited. Bicycles should be stored in the open space opposite the second door or in the rear of the vehicle. Ticket validators are located near the second door obviating the need to push forward to validate a ticket. Passengers need to hold their bicycles to avoid annoying or hurting other passengers.

One passenger is limited to one bicycle, provided it does not bother other people; this means that bicycles should only be  advisably taken onboard between peak hours.

Metro trains

Of all the city’s transit systems, the metro has the toughest restrictions for bicyclists. Most importantly, all bicycles, except folding bicycles and children’s bikes, need to be dissembled and packed.

Under metro regulations, bicyclists need to take their bicycles apart before entering a station. They should remove the front wheel and rotate the handlebar 90 degrees. These components should be placed in a bag or sheath, so as not to soil the clothing of other passengers. There is no extra fare for taking a bicycle on the metro provided the over dimensions, length, width and height, do not exceed 150 centimetres; otherwise, a separate ticket is necessary.

Cyclists on the metro should place their bicycles in such a way so as not to inconvenience other passengers. Open spaces opposite the carriage doors are best suited for this purpose. Riding small wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, motorcycles, push-cycles and roller skates, in the metro is not allowed. Only wheelchairs are allowed. The same regulations apply to the Monorail.

The Moscow Central Circle

The Moscow Central Circle (MCC) makes it possible to access many districts. Under MCC regulations, any passenger can carry a fully assembled bicycle free of charge on special racks, so as not to bother other people. Bicycles don’t have to be dissembled. Bicycle racks are now installed on most MCC trains, and they are to appear inside all carriages before the year is out.

In 2016, people riding fast Lastochka (Swallow) trains on the MCC were allowed to carry a total of 12 bicycles per train. Lastochka trains now have five cars, and there are plans to increase train length to seven and even ten cars; thus allowing up to 24 bicycles per train.

Moscow’s bike-share system for bicycle rentals is available near MCC stations from May through October, including Delovoi Tsentr, Luzhniki, Ploshchad Gagarina, Botanichesky Sad and Vladykino, under the Velobike bike-share system.

Commuter trains

Moscow Region residents can ride commuter trains into central Moscow. They can park bicycles in the vestibules of the carriages. The first and last carriages of any commuter train provide more space than the others. But there are some nuances linked with ticket costs. From 11 am through 4 pm and from 9 pm through 6 am, passengers are allowed to carry their bicycles free of charge because the trains are not overcrowded. They need to buy special tickets to pass through the station turnstiles.

During peak hours, bicyclists will be required to pay 60 roubles or more for a bicycle, depending on the number of trips and the distance travelled. Folded and dissembled bicycles can be taken aboard free 24 hours a day.

Aeroexpress trains

Each Aeroexpress train has large luggage racks for fastening bicycles. A bicyclist is required to pay 50 roubles for a fully assembled bicycle. A folded bicycle can be transported free, provided that its length, width and breadth do not exceed 180 centimetres, and that it weighs no more than 36 kilogrammes.


Bicyclists can sail the Moskva River aboard riverboats and bring bicycles aboard free. The boat crew will tell riders where to park a bicycle.