Seven industrial estates to be developed in 2017

Seven industrial estates to be developed in 2017
New jobs will be created in the industrial estates

This year, seven industrial estates will be developed. These include Ostashkovskoye Shosse on Taininskaya Street, Alekseyevskiye Ulitsy on Novoalekseyevskaya Street, Beskudnikovo on Ilimskaya Street, Oktyabrskoye Pole on Berzarina Street, Medvedkovo on Polyarnaya Street, Kirpichnye Ulitsy on Volnaya Street and Zapadny Port between Kutuzovsky Proyezd, 1812 Goda and Kulneva streets and Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

The project which involves upgrading these areas has already attracted investors. However, planning permissions still need to be granted and plans approved.

“The urban development potential of Moscow’s industrial zones is vast,” Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development Sergei Lyovkin said. He added that the areas’ integrated development and the creation of new jobs are prioritised by the Urban Development Policy programme. 

Between 2011-2016, 61 sets of plans were approved for upgrading industrial and utility areas totally occupying about 3,474 hectares. 17 of them are being developed – three in Southern and Western Administrative Areas each, five in Southeastern Administrative Area, two in Northern, Eastern and Central Areas each, and one in Northeastern, Northwestern and Southwestern Administrative Areas each.

Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin said earlier that parts of the industrial zones will be subject to a complete overhaul whereas others will retain their industries. As a result, new residential buildings, community infrastructure and facilities, roads and parking facilities will emerge.