Workshops and experiments: How parks and museums will mark World Water Day

Workshops and experiments: How parks and museums will mark World Water Day
Muscovites will enjoy amazing lectures, activities, quizzes and workshops.

On 22 March, Moscow will mark World Water Day. Visitors to museums and parks will enjoy environmental and educational activities.

At noon on 18 March, the Darwin Museum will be holding Water Day,  an environmental event for both children and adults. Visitors will be able to take part in a quiz and a workshop on how to produce aquariums. For more information, call +7 (499) 557-03-48.

At 2 pm, the Konny Dvor (Horse Yard) environmental and educational centre at 41 Metallurgov Street will be giving a lecture on water installations in Russia and around the world. Visitors will learn about the main problems of water conservation. Also, there will be a creative workshop as well as a lesson intended for children.

At 11 am, special events will be held at the Bitsevsky Les (Bitsevsky Forest) environmental and educational centre at 1 Novoyasenevsky Tupik, Bld. 3: visitors will be told about the properties of water and also learn a few water tricks. To register, call +7 (916) 306-56-50.

At 1:30 pm , special events will start at the Kuzminki-Lyublino environmental and educational centre at 10 Kuzminskaya Street, Bld.1. Participants will learn a lot about water and our planet’s  water resources and then will participate in a quiz. To register for the event, call +7 (495) 377-35-93.

At 3 pm at the Biryulyovo Dendrological Park at 5a Lipetskaya Street everyone is invited to World Water Day events .The programme will include a lecture, children’s quizzes, and a workshop on how to make handicrafts from waste material.

At 4 pm, the Blue Ribbon of the Green City environmental and educational interactive programme for children aged 6-12 will start at 514a, Zelenograd. Children will learn more about water and reservoirs in Zelenograd. Participants will enjoy environmental games, experiments, and get to know Lake Chyornoye and the river Skhodnya and Rzhavka.

At 3pm on 23 March, Ordinary and Unusual Water event is taking place at 13 Uglichskaya Street. This environmental   event will be devoted to the properties and features of water and will include a presentation, experiments, games and also quizzes. Preliminary registration is required: +7 (495) 579-29-76.

At noon, 26 March the Timiryazev Biology Museum at 15 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street will mark water day. Visitors will enjoy an event titled H2O: Unusual Explorations and also be able to play a board game, Water for Life in the Wild. There will also be quizzes,Water in Folk Art and All Fish in General. People will also be able to make a paper fish and visit the Water Sprite’s Lab.

World Water Day has been marked since the year 1993.