Flying robots and remote planet explorers: RoboFest at VDNKh

Flying robots and remote planet explorers: RoboFest at VDNKh
Schoolchildren and students from various cities will be taking part in a robot assembly competition for three days.

RoboFest, one of the world’s leading robotics competitions, will be held in Pavilion 75 at VDNKh on 15-17 March. This year, the festival will gather a record high number of participants – about 5,000 schoolchildren and students from 65 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Over 1,300 teams will demonstrate their skills on the 14,000 sq m arena.

Moscow will be represented by the largest delegation which this year will include more than 400 people in 132 teams. About 230 participants will come from the Krasnodar Territory and 170 people from the Samara Region. Robotics fans from the Yaroslavl Region will try their hand at the competition for the first time.

RoboFest-2017 participants will compete in 22 subjects. The winners will go on to represent Russia at international competitions in the US, Europe and Asia.

This year, the festival will include, for the first time, the Aeronet competition. This is intended for teenagers aged 13-17who will have to assemble and adjust the settings for pilotless flying machines. Participants aged 16-30 will compete in Robothlon. They have been instructed to design robots with technical eyesight and artificial intelligence that would be able to assist in the exploration of outer space and also help in the creation of human colonies on other planets.

RoboFest will also feature the final of the All-Russian Robotics Olympiad for schoolchildren. Over 500 finalists from regional competitions will take part in RoboKarousel on 15 March and carry out physics tests at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The winners will be able to apply automatically for the physics faculty of the university without having to sit any entrance examinations. Other winners will be granted an extra 100 points for their school exams in physics when they apply for the university. Other Russian universities will offer preferential terms to the winners of this Olympiad.

On the first day of the festival, 15 March, the participants will be adjusting the robot settings and doing some training. RoboFest will officially open at midday on 16 March. Major tournaments will be held during the next two days. Sports commentators will comment on their online broadcasts on the festival’s official Youtube Channel. The closing and awarding ceremonies will take place at 6 pm on 17 March.