First climate forum of Russian cities to be held in Moscow in August

First climate forum of Russian cities to be held in Moscow in August
Ecologists and environmental experts will discuss climate change.

The first climate forum of Russian cities will take place in Moscow in August, said Head of the Moscow Department for Environmental Management and Protection Anton Kulbachevsky.

He said that all large cities in the world are concerned about climate change, and Moscow is no exception. “We see that the climate is changing. The frequent transition to and from zero degrees Celsius, over 60 such transitions this winter ,- affect a lot the municipal utilities and the housing system as well,” Mr Kulbachevsky said.

The forum will be attended by ecologists and environmental experts from various countries. They will discuss climate change and share experience with those cities that have sustainable development programmes in changing climate conditions, as well as programmes aimed at adapting to climate change.

Moscow has such a programme and we are ready to share our experience with other Russian cities,” Mr Kulbachevsky said.

He also said that by 2018 Moscow will establish an integrated analytical environmental centre based on Mosecomonitoring. This will provide relevant information and statistics from previous years.

The environmental data is available on the Mosecomonitoring website. However, it is difficult for unexperienced users to decipher as there are many diagrams published on the site. “We want to simplify them so that anyone could go to the website and receive information about the current condition of Moscow’s air, soil and flora and fauna,” Mr Kulbachevsky said.

Russia declared 2017 the Year of the Environment. It means that all cities will not only prioritise environmental issues, but also nature protection, nature reserves and the improvement of environmental legislation. Moscow will plant thousands of new trees and shrubs this spring. Also a new rose species, Moskvichka (Muscovite) will appear this summer. Two eco-museums will open in September: a forest museum located in Losiny Ostrov Park and the Moskva River museum on the ship, Moskovsky Ecolog.