Russian design details: How Novoperedelkino metro station will look

Russian design details: How Novoperedelkino metro station will look
Draft engineering solution (draft design option)
The lighting will visually expand the underground hall. The floor will be light-coloured granite slabs with dark striping.

The Novoperedelkino metro station on the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Line will be graced with a luminescent ceiling covered with perforated metal panels. The ceiling will be reminiscent of vaulted ceilings from old Moscow palazzos. The interior design has been approved by the Moscow Committee for Architecture.

According to Moscow’s chief architect, Sergei Kuznetsov, the lighting will make the underground hall appear larger. The floor will be paved with light-coloured granite slabs with some dark striping. The walls, halls and interchange passages will be faced with aluminum panels.

The station interior was designed by United Riga Architects that won an international competition in 2014.

“The original concept has been modified slightly because the metro is a complex facility where some ideas can’t be realised. But generally, designer supervision has helped us adhere to the original concept with its Russian details on modern materials,” Kuznetsov said.

The Novoperedelkino station is being built at Borovskoye Motorway and Sholokhov Street on the yellow line between Solntsevo and Rasskazovka. According to the city’s schedule, the station will be opened in 2018.