Wi-Fi network in Moscow schools will be among the world’s largest

Wi-Fi network in Moscow schools will be among the world’s largest
Over 20,000 wireless access points will be available at Moscow schools this year, and by 2018 that number will increase to 60,000.


One of the world's largest Wi-Fi networks in education will be created in Moscow. By the end of this year, 646 schools in the capital will have access to wireless internet, and by 2018, an additional 1,125 schools will be equipment with Wi-Fi.

According to the Moscow Department of Information Technology, in 2016 wireless network was made available in 69 schools as part of a pilot project. These schools were equipped with 2,300 Wi-Fi hot spots. As a result, the schools were provided with quality wireless connection to conduct interactive lessons. An additional 20,500 Wi-Fi hot spots will be equipped in 2017.

In 2018, the network is expected to include 60,000 Wi-Fi access points in 1,840 city schools. On average, each school will be equipped with 32 hot spots. About 30 devices can be connected to one hot spot simultaneously.

"When complete, the Wi-Fi network in Moscow schools will be one of the world's largest wireless internet networks in schools. A similar project to connect several thousand schools in a single internet network is available in Turkey, a spokesperson at the Moscow IT Department said.

In Russia, a similar project to connect 1,600 schools in a WI-FI network with 8,000 wireless access points is currently underway in Kazan.

Today, all Moscow schools are equipped with hardwired broadband internet. In addition, there are two to three Wi-Fi access points in each school, but they do not cover all of the school facilities.

To access the network, students and teachers will need to enter names and passwords from their electronic record books.

"All users will be identified, anonymous use of the network will be excluded,” the department spokesperson said.

The content will be filtered by the internet provider. Currently this filtering system is already used at all schools.

The single Wi-Fi network at all Moscow schools is part of the Moscow E-school Project, which will allow online classes using interactive boards, create an e-library, use an improved version of the online record book, and other innovations. More information about the project is available here. The following schools are taking part in the pilot project:

— No. 627 (Central Administrative Area);

— No. 2095 (Central Administrative Area);

— No.  1995 (South Western Administrative Area);

— No.  1194 (Zelenograd);

— No.  1298 (North Western Administrative Area) and Lyceum No. 1571 (North Western Administrative Area).

By the end of 2018, all Moscow schools will be equipped with modern equipment. Today Moscow is second in the world in the number of Wi-Fi access points. The wireless internet is available in public transport, thousands of streets, in city parks and in university dormitories.