Metro passengers asked to hold entrance doors open for others

Metro passengers asked to hold entrance doors open for others
Some metro passengers are in such a hurry that they don’t ever bother to look behind them and pay no attention to the fact that it would be polite to hold the door open. From now on, they will be asked to do just that! Hold open doors for others, while entering or leaving the stations.

From 10 March, the Moscow Metro’s public address (PA) system will start asking passengers to hold open the entrance/exit doors at the stations. Although metro regulations say nothing about holding doors open, the idea is to remind Metro travelers about the importance of being polite to each other. Passengers walking right behind you will be grateful when you hold the door for them. The St Petersburg Metro administration has pasted stickers at every station entrance, reminding passengers to hold open the doors for others.

“People should hold open the doors for other passengers’ convenience, the metro press service said.

The PA system’s announcement will say: “Dear passengers, please be polite to each other and hold open Metro entrance/exit doors.

From early January 2017, the metro’s PA system has been asking passengers to remove their backpacks while entering trains. Although backpacks are not banned by metro regulations, they can make other people feel uncomfortable.

Apart from announcements, posters in the passenger zones of the Circle, Zamoskvoretskaya, Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya and Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya lines also tell passengers to remove their backpacks when entering train carriages.

“One can already say that announcements and posters are quite effective: Passengers are thanking us and supporting the project. Many note that more and more people are removing their shoulder bags so as not to bother their fellow passengers,” press service sources stressed.

Metro officials hope that the new announcements will convince passengers to hold the doors open for fellow passengers when entering and exiting stations.