Magistral buses carry 55 million passengers

Magistral buses carry 55 million passengers
Long-range, district-level and social routes are popular with city residents.

About 55 million passengers have used the new Magistral route system to date.


Buses started operating on the new routes in October 2016.

“Our latest data shows that 55 million passengers have used the Magistral route system since its inception. About 450,000 people use these routes on weekdays, on the average,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

Ridership has increased about 15 percent since October 2016 compared to the previous routes in central districts in the same period of 2015, he noted.

“Designated transit lanes and over 500 buses and trams have made surface transit inside the Garden Ring more accessible and popular,” he added.

The Magistral project includes 17 long-range routes, 15 district and seven social routes, allowing city residents to reach integrated government services centres, outpatient clinics and other public facilities. These routes help people from outlying districts reach central Moscow and move about freely there, without using the metro. This system includes buses, trolleybuses and trams. Service intervals have been halved in central districts, that is, from 16 to eight minutes.