Seligerskaya metro station will be the first transit hub built in Moscow

Seligerskaya metro station will be the first transit hub built in Moscow
The city plans to build 18 more transit hubs this year.

The Seligerskaya hub will be the first transport-interchange hub in Moscow, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin said.

“Judging by the progress, the Seligerskaya hub will be the first completed in this programme. We have a very strong and motivated contractor there. The construction site is fenced off, the permits and licenses have been received and the company is getting down to work,” he said.

Mr Khusnullin said that the investors to build 12 hubs were determined in 2016.

“The developers lease the sites from the city during construction, so they are motivated to complete projects as soon as possible. As a result, investors that have come to Moscow to build transit hubs are even more motivated to develop projects than the city, they actually push us forward,” he said.

The city plans to contract for the construction of 18 more hubs this year.

At present, 67 new metro stations are being built or designed and each of them will host a transit hub. Hubs provide a convenient change between different types of transport: the metro, surface trains and commuter trains. This will cut travel time significantly. 

Some of the hubs are flat – such as park-and-ride lots, and others will have more extensive structures. They will include integrated facilities and services such as hotels, housing and other facilities.