Luzhniki Grand Sport Arena to receive VIP seats this March

Luzhniki Grand Sport Arena to receive VIP seats this March
The stadium is 95 percent complete, the surrounding grounds will be improved this spring, and the entire facility is to open in May.

Workers will begin installing VIP seating at the Luzhniki Grand Sport Arena this March, Murat Akhmadiyev, head of the facility’s construction oversight department, told journalists.

Over 58,800 standard seats are now in place, with room for about 7,000 more, he said. We can install 400-500 seats daily, and the more comfortable VIP seats will be installed by the end of March, he noted. We have installed most of the plumbing hardware in the stadium’s heated sections, and we are completing the finishing work there. “In all, 40 lifts have been installed, they are currently being tested and adjusted, and they will start operating soon. And we have also installed 11 vertical and incline lifts for people with disabilities,” Mr Akhmadiyev said.

The stadium is now 95 percent complete. “Currently, 2,200 people are working there day and night,” Mr Akhmadiyev added. The stadium is to open this March, and they will also start improving the surrounding grounds; the entire facility will be completed this May.

The Luzhniki Grand Sport Arena is to host the opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and its finals.

The upgraded stadium’s occupancy will increase from 78,000 to 81,000. It will receive a joint control centre and two large video screens for monitoring the grandstands, the field and the games.