City-owned cinemas to hold free screenings on 8 March

City-owned cinemas to hold free screenings on 8 March
Showings at the Moskovskoye Kino cinema network includes films directed by Tarkovsky, Menshov and Lyubimov.

Ahead of and on 8 March, city-owned cinemas will hold free screenings of famous films either about love or featuring interesting stories from women’s lives. These include “Love and Pigeons,” “The Most Charming and Attractive” and for art house fans “The Mirror” by Andrei Tarkovsky. Free screenings will take place at 10 city-owned theatres of the Moskovskoye Kino network of the Moscow Department of Culture.

Pavel Lyubimov’s “Women,” a Soviet melodrama about the hard life of three female workers at a furniture factory in the post-war years, will be shown at four cinemas. The first free screening is scheduled for Monday, 6 March, at the Vympel cinema on Kominterna Street (Northeastern Administrative Area) at 2:10 pm. The film will also run on 8 March at noon at Saturn on Snezhnaya Street (Northeastern Administrative Area), at 1 pm at Kosmos on Prospekt Mira Street (Northeastern Administrative Area) and at 3 pm at Molodyozhny on Lyublinskaya Street (Southeastern Administrative Area).

On International Women’s Day, the Polyot movie house on Nelidovskaya Street (Northwestern Administrative Area) will screen Vladimir Menshov’s “Love and Pigeons” at 10 am. At the same time, the Salyut cinema on Kedrova Street (Southwestern Administrative Area) will offer its viewers  “The Most Charming and Attractive,” a Soviet film starring Irina Muravyova.

Fans of actress Lyubov Orlova will be able to enjoy her lead role in “The Shining Path.” The musical comedy about the life of Tanya, a village girl, will play at Sputnik on Soldatskaya Street (Southeastern Administrative Area) at 2 pm. Also at noon, the Beryozka movie theatre on Martenovskaya Street (Eastern Administrative Area) will present a documentary about Lyubov Orlova’s life.

Fans of auteur filmmaking will have the chance to see Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The Mirror” at the Fakel cinema on Shosse Entuziastov (Southeastern Administrative Area). The film will begin at 7 pm.

Two movie theatres have prepared a children’s programme. At 10.30 am, popular Soviet animated films will be shown at Vympel (Northeastern Administrative Area) and at 11 am at Iskra on Kostyakova Street (Northern Administrative Area).

Women will also be congratulated on their international holiday with giant postcards, one of which will be displayed on the Central Telegraph’s media façade, which measures 17 metres tall and 26 metres across.