Huge digital holiday wishes await Muscovites on 23 February and 8 March

Huge digital holiday wishes await Muscovites on 23 February and 8 March
Video greetings will be projected on the media façade of the Central Telegraph and on digital billboards.

Over 600 themed placards and digital billboards will decorate Moscow ahead of 23 February and 8 March. The media façade of the Central Telegraph will look just like a giant postcard  17 metres tall and 26 metres across.

The Defender of the Fatherland Day-themed video can already be seen on the media façade, where it will remain until the night of 23 February. The video includes an image of a Russian soldier and a five-pointed white, blue and red star – the main symbol of the Russian army – against the backdrop of a tricolour flag. A few days before 8 March, this will be replaced by a huge postcard depicting blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies, a gift for beautiful women. 

The press service of the Moscow’s Department for Media and Advertising reported that hundreds hoardings measuring 3x6 metres and digital billboards will be placed along the Moscow roads ahead of Defender of the Fatherland Day. Moreover, themed placards will appear at public transit stops and on street pylons.

“Ahead of International Women’s Day, Moscow will be decorated with 300 themed placards of different sizes. In addition, videos will be broadcast on over 50 digital billboards,” the press service reported.

The Central Telegraph’s media façade is regularly transformed into a giant greeting card. On New Year, for example, it featured photos of Muscovites, which they posted on social media.