Four helicopters will keep watch during Maslenitsa

Four helicopters will keep watch during Maslenitsa
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
A few hundred rescuers will be on standby in case of fire, while several medical teams will be on call during the opening of the festival.

Four helicopters will keep watch over Moscow during Maslenitsa (Pancake Week). The press service of the municipal facilities complex reported that three medical helicopters and a fire-fighting helicopter will be ready to set out to areas of outdoor festivities. Forty-five employees of the Moscow Aviation Centre will be on duty on those days.

“Eight hundred rescuers of the Civil Defence Department and all special-purpose equipment are ready to go,” the press service reported. Emergencies Ministry officers – 125 firemen and over 60 volunteers – will also be on duty during the events.

“In addition, over 2,000 fire-rescuers are ready to respond to possible accidents and over 500 units of special-purpose equipment of the Moscow Fire Service garrison are ready to set out,” the Moscow Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

The Department of Healthcare explained that several teams of doctors from the Research and Practical Centre of Emergency Medical Care will be on standby for the opening ceremony of the Moscow Maslenitsa festival and during outdoor festivities on 17 February. The department noted that from 18 until 25 February doctors will rapidly arrive at all festival sites when called. On 26 February, the closing day, up to 10 medical teams will be on call in the city.

Thirty compact portable toilets have been set up at the sites of outdoor festivities.  The municipal facilities complex reported that toilets have also appeared on Novy Arbat, Tverskoy Boulevard, Manezhnaya Square and Revolution Square. Also during the festivities the Avtomobilniye Dorogi (Roadway Network) Directorate will allocate complementary forces to clean mass gathering areas.

Mutlicoloured ribbons and sun clips

Muscovites may have noticed that New Year street constructions are gradually turning into spring ones. One hundred and forty-four constructions supporting lighting displays have been decorated with multi-coloured ribbons. They can be seen on Tverskaya Street as well.

However, winter light installations will remain in the city streets until the end of the Moscow Maslenitsa festival. They are the Musical Forest on Pushkinskaya Square, the Hipsters compositions with dancing figures on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and Sokolnicheskaya Square and others. Light tunnels, trees, lanterns and chandeliers will also continue creating a festive atmosphere.

The city has been decorated with bright Maslenitsa billboards and posters. The Department for Media and Advertising reported that a clip featuring the sun and pancakes is being shown on the Central Telegraph media façade. “Maslenitsa greetings can also be seen on 45 digital billboards and 200 advertisement panels and city formats,” the department said.