Sledge race in a Star Wars battleship and a bucket of popcorn

Sledge race in a Star Wars battleship and a bucket of popcorn
Contestants have been picked for a sledge race at Sokolniki Park on 23 February.

On 23 February, Sokolniki Park will host the Sledge Battle contest. The contestants have already been picked. Visitors will see unusual sledges, for example, a downsized replica of the Millennium Falcon battleship from the Star Wars science fiction saga, or a log bath house from the Peculiarities of National Hunting comedy.

The park’s press service reminds visitors that this year’s Sledge Battle race is devoted to cinema.

“The contestants will have to race down Moscow’s longest tube slide stretching 200 metres. The winners will be judged by the distance covered, the creativity of their sledge design and their pre-start performance. Each team will consist of two to five people. The winners will receive valuable gifts. If a sledge breaks apart on the racetrack, it does not mean that the team has lost,” the press service said.

Besides Star Wars and the Peculiarities of National Hunting, some sledge-makers were inspired by the Mortal Combat film and computer game, the fire-breathing dragon from the How to Tame Your Dragon animated series, and the Il-2 warplane from the V boi idut odni ‘stariki’ (Only Old-Timers Are Going into Battle) film, while others drew inspiration from domestic cartoons. One of the sledges is modelled on a road roller from the popular Nu, Pogodi! cartoon series (episode 3), on which the Wolf is trying catch the Hare. Another sledge depicts a flying carpet very similar to the one from the Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf cartoon. Yet another funny entrant is a sledge shaped as a bucket of popcorn.

Each of the sledges must have up to four tubes attached to them. The tubes are provided by the park.  The race will take place on the slide to the left of the Lyod (Ice) skating rink. After each chute, visitors can have their picture taken alongside the racers and their sledge. There will be a sledge parade if the weather permits.

The same day, there will be a battle tub race. Participants will be given paints and asked to paint their tubs in combat vehicle style.


  • 00 am-11.00 am – contestants gather and get their sledges and tubs ready;
  • 00 am-12.00 pm – registration for participants and teams; a “parade” of tubs and tub crews; a ceremonial line-up;
  • 00 pm -1.00 pm – the tub race;
  • 30 pm -3.00 pm – the sledge race;
  • 00 pm -3.30 pm – the concert programme begins; a special guest performance;
  • 30 pm – the selection of winners; awards ceremony; a photo session with combat vehicles; the winners’ parade along the park’s big circle.