Retro parties, lightsaber duels and a ball: How to spend Skating Rink Night

Retro parties, lightsaber duels and a ball: How to spend Skating Rink Night
The agenda includes DJ sets, flashmobs and competitions.

The second annual Skating Rink Night will take place in parks on 1 March. Admission to the ice rinks will be free. The theme will be Kaleidoscope. Each skating rink has chosen its own colour for the festival. Visitors will have to follow the dress code, or pick up an accessory of the appropriate colour at the entrance. Rental and additional services are available to purchase at the parks’ normal prices.

Scarlet dresses of the 1960s

Gorky Park will stage a costume party in the style of dance parties of the 1960s. It will be held as part of the programme “Thaw: Facing the Future,” from 5 pm to 11 pm. The retro festival’s uniform will be scarlet-checkered and scarlet-striped  scarlet skirts, blouses, scarves and caps, which were considered the smartest items of clothing to wear on a skating rink in the mid-20th century. Guests who keep to this style will be able to dance to retro music and take some nice photos after the party.

The ice hockey rink will host figure skating performances and a retro race of speedskaters who completed a course at the speed skating school, which took place at 11 parks this winter.

Blue ocean and Venetian masks

The Lyod (Ice) skating rink in Sokolniki Park will be transformed into the Arctic Ocean. Visitors are advised to wear bright bright blue clothing. Blue cloaks will be distributed at the entrance. In the centre of the venue, there will be an art installation resembling a shining iceberg. Gusts will be entertained by a DJ and an MC. The event will run from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The Hermitage Garden will stage prize contests and flashmobs from 6 pm–11 pm. A festive atmosphere will be created through music performed by the DJ, and with Venetian masks. The skating rink’s colour will be blue.

Disco, circus and fitness

The Bauman Garden will host festivities from 6 pm to 10 pm. The party will be accompanied by music tracks in the disco and funk styles. The colour of the skating rink will be red. Guests will receive sets with tea as gifts.

Tagansky Park will stage festivities from 6 pm–11 pm. Visitors should come wearing white clothing and accessories. At 6 pm, an ice circus coach will conduct a workshop in figure skating. Guests will be given gifts.

Krasnaya Presnya Park will hold a sports party in red from 6 pm–11 pm. Free training sessions will take place on the skating rink and nearby from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Fire Cock and Star Wars

The skating rink in Izmailovsky Park will be decorated orange for the event, scheduled for 6 pm–11 pm. The interactive costume programme, Fire Cock, will be staged there. From 6 pm–8 pm, there will be a DJ session. A workshop will be held for children in making a kaleidoscope using coloured paper.

Fili Park will host a party from 6 pm–11 pm in the style of the Star Wars saga. The agenda includes sports competitions and relays and a lightsaber duel performance. The colour of the skating rink will be blue.

Air flashmob, tropics and a royal ball

Perovsky Park will conduct an ice hockey masterclass from 6 pm–11 pm. The main event will be a big air flashmob, releasing radiant green balloons into the sky. At the same time Vorontsovsky Park will host a green tropical party. Guests will receive necklaces – Hawaiian leis – at the entrance. The park will include a photo zone. The festivities will be accompanied by DJ music.

The 50-letiya Oktyabrya Park will stage a royal ball from 6 pm–11 pm. Classical music will be played all through the evening. Visitors will be instructed in elements of ballroom dancing. The main colour of the skating rink will be yellow.


Mermaids, dancing and souvenirs

From 6 pm–11 pm, Lianozovsky Park will host a marine party with mermaids, Neptune contests for the entire family and blue gift balloons. At the same time, Goncharovsky Park will receive visitors at an Orange Skating Rink party. In the centre of the ice rink there will be a huge orange. The skating rink will include a painting zone and a competition whose winners will receive snow tubes. A DJ will provide music.

Vorovskogo Park’s main colour will be blue. Visitors will see a performance by figure skater Vitaly Opekan. Babushkinsky Park will serve as the venue of a dance flashmob, where visitors in red caps and other headwear will receive gifts. The skating rink in the Artyoma Borovika Park will be resound with retro music. Visitors there will be given presents of shining red bracelets. 

The event will be the next in a series of evening activities organised by the Department of Culture following Museum Night, Arts Night, Library Night, Theatre Night and Music Night.