The Maslenitsa Fair of exotic pancakes to open at VDNKh

The Maslenitsa Fair of exotic pancakes to open at VDNKh
Visitors at VDNKh will be able to taste over 40 kinds of pancakes and crepes on 17 to 26 February, including crab, marshmallow, vegetarian and Bavarian pancakes.

The Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) programme to be held at VDNKh on 17 to 26 February includes over 40 kinds of pancakes and crepes, such as crab and Bavarian sausage pancakes and crepes with fresh fruit.

Visitors will be able to taste foreign pancakes and Old Russian blinis (thin pancakes), including sweet and salty blinis made with wheat, buckwheat and oat flour at 22 chalets on Promyshlennosti (Industrial) Square.

“Fish pancakes will be the main specialty this year. Our menu will feature salmon, cheese sauce, crab and green pancakes for the first time,” according to the VDNKh press service.

Those who have a sweet tooth will be able to enjoy marshmallow and chocolate pancakes, and green pancakes will be available for vegetarians. Food lovers will be able to buy unusual and delicious gourmet moose, wild boar and bear meats.

Visitors will be invited to play ancient Russian games – the shalyga and kotyol (caldron) ball games and the skovoroda (frying pan) game that is similar to a tug of war only with people standing in a circle and holding hands. They will see how textile and wood paintings are made, learn to make small plywood horses, wooden kitchen utensils and hay Maslenitsa figures at workshops. Everyone interested will be able to join the Capture of the Fortress game in the hay loft built near the entertainment chalet on Promyshlennosti Square. Those who love to take photographs will be able to shoot in the centre of the fair, across from the Vostok spacecraft where 95 huge weathervanes in the form of flowers will be set up for taking selfies. Some weathervanes will be as high as eight meters.

On 25 and 26 February, a Sun Parade ice carnival devoted to the main image of Pancake Week, Maslenitsa, will be held at the VDNKh skating rink. The carnival’s focus will be an inflated two-meter sun installed on a special moving platform. The Children of the Sun – actors dressed in gold and orange costumes –will march behind the platform and congratulate people on the coming spring. Pancake Week at VDNKh will conclude with a concert of pop singers at the skating rink on 26 February.

The Moscow Maslenitsa Festival will be held from 17 to 26 February. For details go to the festival site on