Main work on the hovering bridge at Zaryadye to be completed within two months

Main work on the hovering bridge at Zaryadye to be completed within two months
In spring, landscaping work will begin in the surrounding area. The Philharmonic building will acquire its exterior form towards the end of the year.

The cast-in-place construction phase of a hovering bridge at Zaryadye Park will be completed within two months, Marat Khusnullin, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Urban Development Policy and Construction, told reporters.

“We are now discussing what kind of paving material to use: slabs or special material resembling boat planks. It is called a hovering bridge because despite being 70 metres long, it will have almost no support pillars. Temporary pillars have been installed, but they will be removed after all metal structures are assembled. This will be the best observation point in Moscow, offering a view of the Kremlin and the park. It’s a very complex structure,” Mr Khusnullin said.

An underground parking garage for 430 cars is almost ready, with equipment currently being installed and adjusted there. In late March, some 500 trees and 7,000 shrubs and annuals will be planted, and special measures will be put in place to protect them until construction is over.

“By the end of 2017, we are planning to complete the main building structure of the Philharmonic, which would enable us to start interior finishing and pre-commissioning activities during the 2017/2018 winter season. Also, we have purchased everything we need to equip around 30,000 square metres of pedestrian zones. Most of them will have a heated surface so as not to become slippery during winter,” Mr Khusnullin said.

Some 2,000 construction workers are currently employed at the site. An additional 500–600 workers may be brought in to work night shifts.

In spring, landscaping contractors will move in to refurbish the embankment and build a system of passages between the park and the nearby pedestrian routes, in line with the approved design plan.