Showdown with carnival elements staged for Moscow Pancake Week festival

Showdown with carnival elements staged for Moscow Pancake Week festival
The new show unites Russian Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week, traditions with European customs, Russian folk songs and couplets share the stage with vagrants’ music, music by Carl Orff and old European songs, while the actors’ costumes are inspired by Bruegel’s pictures.

Every day of the Moscow Pancake Week will offer Muscovites and tourists stage shows and performances, many of which were specially staged for this festival. One of these shows is the “Twelve Months, or Welcoming the Spring” interactive theatrical programme.   On Friday the performance was rehearsed by graduates of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute and actors of the Vakhtangov Theatre and other leading Moscow theatres.  

The show “Twelve Months, or Welcoming the Spring” has been staged as a music and poetry battle – a contest between departing Winter and advancing Spring. It is an unusual and very up-to-date street show with elements of a theatrical procession and carnival. Twelve actors are engaged in the show, each of them plays the role of a certain month of the year.

“This show is one of a kind, Moscow has not seen anything like it. We try to combine different cultural traditions: on the one hand, Moscow and Russian medieval pancake week traditions, songs and couplets, on the other hand, European customs. The actors’ costumes, for example, were inspired by paintings by Bruegel, we use vagrants’ music and music by Carl Orff, as well as medieval European songs,” author and producer of the show Tikhon Kotrelyov said.

“Twelve Months, or Welcoming the Spring” will be shown in Revolution Square (on the way to Manezhnaya Square) every day. A detailed schedule is published on the venue’s web site.

The Moscow Pancake Week festival will be held at 13 sites in the city centre from 17 until 26 February and will open the 2017 Moscow Seasons street events series.

Visitors are welcome to street festivities, sport competitions, history re-enactments, street theatre shows, fascinating master classes, lots of delicious pancakes and other pleasant surprises.