“Storming Winter’s Fortress” and “Warrior Sport Ground” expect visitors during the Moscow Pancake Week

“Storming Winter’s Fortress” and “Warrior Sport Ground” expect visitors during the Moscow Pancake Week
Visitors will play with a kubar (spinning top) and rukhi (gorodki, or skittles), fight with swords and watch puppet theatre shows.

On Revolution Square, Manezhnaya Square and the space between them, traditional Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) outdoor festivals will take place from 17 until 26 February. Visitors of the Pancake Week festival will be challenged to recollect old Russian folk games: klushkovaniye (similar to ball hockey), rukhi and babki (predecessors of skittles) and kubar (keeping a spinning top in motion as long as possible with a special whip and pushing it around obstacles on the ground).

Children and adults will stage battles with mock swords and demonstrate their agility in the Hats game (the aim is to be the first to knock off the rival’s hat). Every day street musicians will play the gusli, the balalaika, the accordion and the pipe on three central festival sites.

On Manezhnaya Square, Muscovites will see combat sports and competitions of old days. In addition, actors will show exhibition performances on the Warrior Sport Ground. Costumed entertainers will invite people to join mass folk games (Watchman, Belt, Frying Pan, Wood-stack, game of catch, Odd Man Out, Cones–Acorns–Nuts, at Uncle Trifon’s, Cabbage, Cats and Mice, Snatching Out, and Drake and Duck).

Puppet theatre shows will take place on Manezhnaya Square and on the road leading to Revolution Square. There will also be a master class in Revolution Square to tell Muscovites about lubok (Russian popular print). Visitors themselves will be able to make simple pictures with the help of a reconstructed medieval printing machine and authentic instruments. At other workshops children will make masks for masked balls and traditional Pancake Week decorations of paper, birch bark, leather and straw.

Storming Winter’s Fortress will be the final and the most impressive event of the festival. Re-enactors and guests of the festival will build a snow village for a winter battle.

The Moscow Pancake Week opens the 2017 Moscow Seasons street events series, which will be held on 13 sites in the city centre.