Over 160,000 riders have download Moscow Metro app

Over 160,000 riders have download Moscow Metro app
App developers upload short videos showing how passengers can change from the metro to the Moscow Central Circle.

Over 160,000 people have downloaded the official Moscow Metro app. The iPhone and iPad apps became available in mid-January. The app allows users to plan a route, top up their Troika card, make a comment or request an escort. In February, Android users will be able to access the new app as well.

The app provides the option of planning a route from anywhere in Moscow or the Moscow Region,” said Deputy Mayor Maxim Liksutov. Mr Liksutov is head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development. “It automatically chooses the quickest route, taking into consideration every form of public transport.”

Mr Liksutov said app users would be the first to learn about newly opened stations and scheduled maintenance days. The information pops up as push notifications when the app is opened. In the future, he said, passengers will be able see current passenger flow and surface transit movement online. The app will also be translated into other languages.

The app has a function designed for people with restricted mobility,” the deputy mayor said. “This function can be used to request an escort from the Passenger Mobility Centre.”

Short videos are now becoming available in the app for passengers looking to change from metro stations to the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). Presently, the app has videos for changing from eight metro stations to the MCC. In order to access the videos, users need to plan their route, touch the suggested route and select “Interchange Video.” Riders can watch videos on interchanging between the following stations:

Polezhayevskaya - Khoroshevo (about 12 minutes);

Sportivnaya – Luzhniki (about 8 minutes);

Avtozavodskaya – Avtozavodskaya (about 10 minutes);

Shosse Entuziastov — Shosse Entuziastov (about 8 minutes);

Partizanskaya — Izmailovo (about 9 minutes);

Bulvar Rokossovskogo — Bulvar Rokossovskogo (about 8 minutes);

Botanichesky Sad — Botanichesky Sad (about 8 minutes);

Voikovskaya — Baltiiskaya (about 12 minutes).

Videos with maps of other interchanges will soon be available. The videos will be updated during the year.

Mr Liksutov also said the app would be updated all the time with due consideration for users’ recommendations.

Apart from the metro, the new app allows users to plan their route on overland transport. It can inform passengers what bus they can take to get from a certain metro station to their destination, calculate the journey time, the number of stops and even approximate costs based on the Koshelek tariff uploaded on Troika card. Users can only top up their Troika card online and see applicable fares. The app also includes a list of all Moscow sights and how to get there. The app informs users about interchange parking near metro stations, parking fees and vacant parking spaces. It can also be used to send a comment or complaint.

Currently, the app can be downloaded from the App Store, Its red-and-white logo is designed in the typical Moscow transport style.