1,500 new street lamps to light Luzhniki premises

1,500 new street lamps to light Luzhniki premises
Photo: Press service of the Urban Development and Construction Complex
Historic lamps will light the Alley of Glory whereas the rest of the grounds will get modern ones.

In all, 1,500 new street lamps will be installed on the premises of Luzhniki sports venue, said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin.

He added that choosing the street lamps’ design was not easy. “We considered lots of options and decided to leave old lamp models on the Alley of Glory to preserve its historic appearance. The rest of the grounds will be lit with modern lamps whose design will remind visitors of sports,” the Deputy Mayor commented.

The primary goals in designing the street lamps were to retain the stadium’s historic look and to better illuminate some of the venues.

The street lamps will be mounted on 1,200 different supports, some of which have already been made. The lamps will appear at Luzhniki after the sports complex’s construction is complete.

Plans also include architectural illumination of the stadium’s façade: festive lighting will be reserved for special occasions while regular lighting will be used on average days at night.

The Luzhniki Big Sports Arena will host the opening match, one of the semifinals and the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The renovated stadium will hold 81,000 fans instead of 78,000. There will be an integrated control centre with a comfortable view of all the stands and of the playing field. Two big screens will be installed to broadcast matches.

The renovation works, which began in 2014, will end in March 2017.

After thorough modernisation Luzhniki sports complex will rank among the world’s 10 largest football arenas.