Smart city and a river ambulance: intelligent projects by Moscow companies

Smart city and a river ambulance: intelligent projects by Moscow companies
Speed boats serving as ambulances, new medical equipment and a unique system to alert train operators: presents ideas for Moscow by a major Russian industrial company.

Sergei Sobyanin has inspected a modernised assembly shop at the Salyut research and production company, a subsidiary of the Morinformsystema-Agat Concern, the biggest producer of modern radars and information processing systems for the Russian Navy.

The concern runs seven enterprises in Moscow: Agat and Salyut (research and production facilities), Kurs (a central research institute), Topaz (a plant), Ametist (a design office), the Academician Andreyev Acoustic Institute and Electropribor (a plant). Apart from military output, they produce some civilian goods, ranging from light fixtures to high-technology systems.

Ideas for Moscow

A smart city

The goal of the Smart City project is the automatisation of controls and the creation of a single control system by developing high-technology solutions for schools, hospitals, kindergartens, warehouses and so on. The various infrastructure systems of a building will be automatically controlled, improving energy efficiency and increasing security. As a result, a city of smart houses should offer a higher standard of living and improve the investment climate.

A smart circle

The company offers a new system for the Moscow Central Circle, which will alert train operators to obstacles, including humans, on the tracks, by relaying the coordinates and time of a violation to the train cab. The trespasser will also see and hear a danger signal. Specialists have calculated that the system will significantly reduce the number of accidents on the MCC.

River ambulance

The most ambitious project is the creation of a river ambulance system. A network of piers is likely to be built in the vicinity of hospitals on the Moskva River, where patients will be delivered by the latest hydrofoil speed boats of the Valdai 45R and Delfin (Dolphin) class. There are plans to establish a waterborne resuscitation centre for emergencies. The network will be operational both during the navigation period and in winter, when the boats will be converted to hovercraft.

The environment, education and other projects

Unique refrigeration techniques can be used to create food refrigeration systems, experimental climatic centres and medical facilities. The equipment can freeze products to -160 degrees Centigrade. Similar installations are produced only by Japan. Their smart control system will make it possible to use them as an integrated system, assuring full control over conditions and duration of storage.

The concern’s medical projects are able to quickly identify cancer and test for drug use. Jointly with the Moscow Government, the concern is working on a continuous personnel training and retraining programme for the school-college-university-industry system, based on the Moscow Technological University, the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.



Environmental security of reservoirs

Yet another important project is the creation of a system to monitor the environmental security of reservoirs in Moscow. It will both register shifts in the situation and monitor risks of emergencies, in real time mode, related to shipping and industries. A South Port safety system will guarantee security at the facility, both from the shore and from the water.