Moscow Metro to play love songs for Valentine’s Day

Moscow Metro to play love songs for Valentine’s Day
Metro passengers will be treated to love lyrics by Pushkin, Lermontov, and Akhmatova on escalators, at the stations and in the underground transfers.

Love songs will be added to Moscow Metro broadcasts for Valentine’s Day. Music selection includes songs based on the poetry of Igor Shaferan, whose 85th anniversary will be celebrated on 13 February. Igor Shaferan wrote lyrics to hundreds of popular Soviet music compositions. Famous artists like Leonid Utesov and Iosif Kobzon and popular bands have performed his songs.

Some of the songs to be played include Na Tebe Soshelsya Klinom Bely Svet, Bely Tanets, as well as hits by Nina Brodskaya and Yan Frenkel: Ty Govorish Mne O Lyubvi and Dlya Tebya.

Music will be played from 13 to 17 February in the entrance and ticket halls, and on escalators at metro stations. Over the five days, passengers will hear about 20 songs by Igor Shaferan,” a spokesperson at the Moscow Metro’s Rioma radio programme said.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the metro’s radio broadcasts will also include famous love lyrics by Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, and Anna Akhmatova. Last year’s Valentine’s Day programme consisted of verse only, but this year the programme was changed to include music.

The Moscow Metro’s Rioma daily music broadcasts include classical and popular music compositions and are heard on all escalators. The melodies are updated regularly. In addition, Rioma traditionally plays special holiday selections. For example, songs by ABBA and melodies from Soviet comedies were played for the Christmas holidays from 31 December to 8 January.