Step by Step: Preventive physical examination in 90 minutes

Step by Step: Preventive physical examination in 90 minutes
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
It became faster thanks to a more convenient arrangement of doctor’s offices and the creation of a navigation system

Preventive health units are now available at all Moscow outpatient clinics. A preventive medical examination will take no more than 90 minutes.

People no longer have to go from one floor to another in search of the right doctor’s office. To make things easier for patients, a special navigation system with step-by-step instructions has been introduced. Specialty care, functional diagnosis and immunoprophylaxis rooms are now located on the same floor and in the same wing.

People above the age of 21 can receive health check-ups once every three years at their community clinics free of charge. A patient can receive a same-day health check-up, or schedule it for any other convenient time. An individual list of exams and consultations is made for each patient (depending on age and gender).

When a patient’s age is divisible by three, then it’s time to undergo a regular health check-up. For veterans of the Great Patriotic War and certain other categories of citizens, annual health check-ups are recommended. Preventive health examinations make it possible to diagnose and cure many diseases at an early stage.