All Moscow schools to join online platform by 2018

All Moscow schools to join online platform by 2018
Moscow teachers have already developed more than 3,500 lesson plans for the Moscow Online School. The system now includes study materials in chemistry, physics, biology and other subjects.

All Moscow schools will become members of the Moscow Online School project by 2018. The pilot platform is in use at six schools, while all others can access the electronic educational materials, according to the Moscow Department of Education.

The project was launched in September 2016. The Moscow Online School consists mainly of a library of digital textbooks, an electronic record book and a class register. Teachers have already developed over 3,500 lesson plans for the library.

“The digital plans have been used for 16,254 lessons. The system provides access to 32 online textbooks on chemistry, physics, biology and history for forms 5 to 11,” the department spokesperson adds. Other study resources include six volumes of an interdisciplinary encyclopedia and materials on life safety, computer science and biology developed by teachers with the tools of the online school.

Any teacher can use the prepared lesson plans or develop new ones. Students need to download the application on their tablets or computers. When the teacher opens a lesson, students automatically gain access to the plan. Sick students can follow along from home if they don’t want to skip class. Students can also open the lesson plan after class and review the material.

The electronic record book and class register are linked to the library. The record book shows the lesson topic. To complete homework, students just need to follow the link to the necessary study materials in the library. Parents can do the same to see what their kids learned in class.